OnionCat is ported to Windows (Cygwin)


OnionCat is now ported Windows. It runs within Cygwin POSIX-like Environment and first tests were successful. The code is merged into OnionCat SVN trunk release 486.

(*) For installation first install then OpenVPN TAP driver which is included in the OpenVPN Windows package (see www.openvpn.org).
(*) Install Cygwin and add the gcc, make, and subversion packages.
(*) Apply the IPv6 extension patch (http://win6.jp/Cygwin/index.html) to Cygwin.
(*) Add the TCP/IPv6 protocol to the TAP device in Windows network configuration.
(*) Install Tor/Vidalia.
(*) Checkout OnionCat from SVN.
(*) ./Configure and make it as described on the OnionCat project page (https://www.cypherpunk.at/onioncat/wiki/Download)
(*) Configure and run Tor and OnionCat as described on OC project page (https://www.cypherpunk.at/onioncat/wiki/Configuration)

We’ll further improve code and build installation packages for WinOC.
Keep in mind that it is not tested very well and bugs may be included.
If you’d like to attend to OnionCat IRC you might use KVIRC. It worked perfect in our test environment.

Have fun using OnionCat on Windows!