SDCard/USB-Stick write-protected on Windows 7

Have you ever had the problem that you tried to delete something on your SDcard and your operating system told you that it is not possible because the removable disk is write-protected?

Well, it never happened to me because I use Linux, hence, things usually work and if not, there is always a reason which can be debugged ­čśë

Unfortunately, people in my neighborhood think that I am a general problem solver concering computers just because they know that I know a lot about computers that they do not know ­čśë

Thus, everybody contacts me if something goes wrong with his computer…and I love this, in particular if it is Windows…duh.

Yesterday, a friend came to me with two problems. First, something is wrong with his SDcards, they are write protected, although the mechanical lock is in the right position. Second, “something” is wrong with his notebook.

I checked the SDcards on my Linux computer. Nothing actually wrong. I freshly formatted them. Now let’s look at the computer; Windows 7 installed. I did some updates and some housekeeping jobs; everything alright again. Finally, I followed my intuition and tested the SDcards on the system and — surprise! They are write-protected.

My first guess was the virus scanner — Kaspersky. I temporarily deactivated it — no success. I tried to find any option at the disk properties from the context menu from Windows explorer — no suitable options available. I tried to find any option in Windows management console (mmc); no options found. I tried to recreate the partition, reformat; no success: “Windows is unable….write-protected.”.

Ok, let’s jfgi. And there is the solution: it is easy but I just ask myself how any non-export should ever solve this problem? The solution is — as always on Windows — a registry entry.

Set the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlStorageDevicePoliciesWriteProtect to “0“. If it does not exist just add it yourself (and don’t forget to remount the SDcard).