Waiting for 28C3


After a 10 hours trip with the train we arrived in Berlin to attend teh 28C3. For the few days we live in the great Sunflower hostel near Warschauer Straße. Now, we are warming up our  computers and smartphones. Fahrplan app installed *g*

Get an impression from the picture.

We, this is creo, fhasex20, and me (aka Rahra), members of the Austrian nerd association cyperpunk.at.

We hope that we got a desk in the hackcenter, because unfortunately we missed the deadline for project registrion in the 28C3 wiki. Well, shit happens, but maybe we’re lucky.


We will be around in the BCC, just contact as somehow (Email, Twitter, Facebook, what ever), or just have a look in the hackcenter or in the Phoenlit area.

Projects that we are currently working on is Anonymous DNS, and a completely new rendering software for OSM data.