Polyline Refinement with Smrender

The latest version 1.1.r1230 of Smrender now implements a new feature which I call polyline refinement. It highly improves the appearance of the map specifically in such areas which are just “roughly” mapped. Ideally, it is applied to the coastline, for example.

Polyline refinement is invoked rule-based. It is an internal function. The following shows an example of how to call it.

<tag k='natural' v='coastline'/>
<tag k='_action_' v='func:refine_poly?deviation=500,iteration=5'/>

The function parameters deviation and iteration are optional.1

Have a look at the following two images to see the difference!

Rendering w/o polyline refinement

Rendering w/ polyline refinement


Download the most recent version at http://www.abenteuerland.at/download/smrender/.

Have fun!