Smrender released into the wild

It was hard work to create smrender and it was even more work to create a documentation for it. And both are not finished yet. But nevertheless I decided to release it now. I have talked a lot about it and there are several articles about it found in the Internet. It is time now to show this great piece of software to the public.

The description and download links are found here: Please try it out, use it, report bugs back to me, contribute to it.

Smrender is a rule-based renderer for OSM data. The rule set is very flexible and it supports dynamic loading and linking of third party libraries which makes it easy and highly interesting for others to write additional modules. Currently it includes one module. This is libsmfilter which is a replacement for smfilter. Libsmfilter also supports generation of light character strings as are used on official sea charts and in the list of lights.