Debian Wheezy on Acer Aspire One Happy

A few days ago I successfully installed Debian Wheezy 64 bit (currently sid) on an Acer Aspire One Happy notebook. Most of the built-in hardware seems to work out of the box. Display, touchpad, sound, and webcam works. Solely the SD card read is unable to reader my SD cards. This seems to be related to the kernel (3.2.0-2-amd64) and not the notebook because I can reproduce the same effect on a complete different system.

A little bit tricky was to run the installer itself. I tried to boot the netinst image with a USB stick which usually works without any troubles. For whatever reason the installer freezed immediately after displaying the boot screen. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the bug.

The notebook came with Windows 7 being installed. Thus, I ran then Debian setup.exe of the netinst image within Windows which installs a new boot loader and some parts of the installer. After reboot the installer came up fine. Probably it is a BIOS issue that it does not properly boot from USB directly.

During the setup it was necessary to provide the firmware files for the Wifi and the Ethernet adapter. All images and the firmware packages are found on the Debian installer page.


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    • morlog on July 25, 2012 at 8:39 am

    I have an Acer spire One D257 that I am running Crunchbang 11 Waldorf, which is based on the Debian Wheezy source. It runs out of the box for the most part. The only problem I have run across is that when I go to reboot it won’t shut off all the way, I believe it has something to do with permissions and acpi. Other than that I’ve had no problems.

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