Smrender works on Windows

Smrender on Windows 7

Yesterday, I started a Windows-VM because I had to test something. I took this opportunity to try to compile Smrender within Cygwin and it worked out of the box 🙂 Great success! There were a few minor compiler warnings which I have already fixed.

Everything seems to work perfect with the minor restriction that libsmfilter does not compile on Windows yet. This is due to the fact that Windows does not support shared objects with unresolved symbols. Libsmfilter re-imports symbols from the smrender binary.

This requires the software to be restructured in a way that all those functions are moved to a separate library which is then linked to both, smrender and libsmfilter. From a software engineering point of view this makes sense anyway. Thus, I’ll do this within the next weeks.

Installation Procedure

My test system is am up to date Windows 7 64 bit. To compile and use smrender on Windows you first have to install Cygwin. During the installation procedure your are asked to select additional packages. You need to install the following packages:

  • gcc
  • make
  • libgd-devel

After successful installation of Cygwin download a current version of Smrender to C:\cygwin\home\<your_username>. Start the Cygwin Terminal (you should have an icon on the desktop) and then simply follow the installation instructions of the Smrender documentation (tar xvfz smrender-1.2.rxxxx.tar.gz ; cd smrender-1.2.rxxxx ; ./configure ; make ; make install).

Finally you should be able to run smrender. Type `smrender -h` to see if it works.