Disable Shutter Sound on Xperia X8

Since several months I use a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 smart phone. The device is really handy because it is small and fits easily into every pocket but offers all features of a smart phone.

By default it comes with Android 2.1 and SE discontinued to offer newer versions. I rooted the device and upgraded to GingerDX (thanx do doixanh!) which is currently at version 2.3.7 and is a really great mod that works fine.

The most annoying thing is the shutter sound of the camera which comes with the original software of SE. The camera app is not replaced by GingerDX, probably because there are some proprietary hardware issues with it. The app does not allow to disable the shutter sound. I hate this stupid “click-click” on a fully electronic device which tries to act like a real camera.

So, how to disable it?

The solution is pretty easy. Connect your phone with USB to your computer and start the `adb shell`. Go to the directory /system/media/audio/ui (`cd /system/media/audio/ui`). There you will find a file named camera_click.ogg. Simply delete it (`rm camera_click.ogg`). If you get an error such as “Read-only file system” you have remount the file system read-writable (`mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock0 /system`) before.

Please note that your devices has to be rooted. You may also have a look here.

This hack will work on most other Android smart phones as well!