Slippy Sea Map

Smrender is a powerful renderer mainly designed to create paper sea charts.

I added the feature of tile creation to Smrender which was not really difficult. Smrender is designed to create paper charts but it is easy to cut tiles as soon as you have a raster image with appropriate coordinates and projection.

Here is a first preview of what it can look like. It is rendered from zoom level 10 to 15 and only along the coast of Croatia. There may be missing tiles in between and the ruleset is not really mature yet. If you like it I probably will improve it. This is an experimental service but enjoy it, nevertheless ­čÖé

Credits go to for this cool WordPress plugin.

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    • MiKa on December 11, 2012 at 7:03 am

    Very cool usage of the WordPress OpenStreetMap plugin, like it ­čśë

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