Install Canon Imagerunner on CUPS

iR_ADV_C7065_HO_186x279The Canon Imagerunner is a series of office printers/copy machines which typically can be accessed on the network as all modern printers. Obviously, to be able to print on a printer you need the right printer driver. Basically, a printer driver is a small piece of software that translates a typical printable format1 to the printer’s specific format.

On Windows such a driver typically is accompanied by a set of tools which may be used to do some additional tasks with your printer such as querying toner or ink levels, printing test pages, etc. To be honest, in most cases these tools just fill up the Windows icon bar and the main memory.

Most Unix-like systems today use CUPS (such as Linux or Mac OSX) as its print systems but alternatively LPD might be in use. In both cases you need just a printer driver namely a PPD file which typically is either included directly with the installation of your print system or you may download this on the homepage of your printer’s manufacturer.

That’s what I tried with the Canon Imagerunner C7055. Unfortunately, the Canon hompage is highly unstructured in respect to downloading drivers. It feels like a web application of the 90’s with some efforts to use Javascript. You’ll find the Canon download center with Google ­čśë

Then you click through a questionnaire where you have to select your OS’ language, and the OS itself, and the printer several times and you’ll finally end up on a page which offers a set of download links. All of them point to files with different versions and names. The description says that they are used for Linux and CUPS. Since it is not really clear which of them is the most accurate one I just downloaded several files, unpacked them and tried if they work with my C7055.

Interestingly, one file says to be a tar.gz file but actually it was a zip file which includes a tar.gz file.

┬╗Canon, what are you doing there?┬ź

One PPD package (out of three) seems to work. For your convenience I uploaded it here: canon.tbz2 (it is a tar.bz2 file ­čśë Download it and unpack it into the directory /usr/share/ppd/custom. Finally, restart Cups and go to the administration console, modify the printer and assign the right printer driver.

canon_exeOf course, you can try to download it at Canon yourself, but be aware, Canon US even offers an .exe file if you select Linux ­čśë #fail

Have fun in the download center!

  1. The most important and most widely used formats today are Postscript (PS) and the Portable Document Format (PDF).