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Archive.fsh Files Reverse Engineered

Everybody with a handheld GPS device or a smart phone may contribute to the map of OpenStreetmap. In contrast, to contribute to OpenSeamap — which is the OSM-based sea chart variant — it requires to measure the depth of sea. Of course, a sea map contains a lot of features which can still be mapped …

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DNS/UDP to TCP Translator/Converter

Although there are some discussions found on the web on how to force DNS to use TCP instead of UDP, there seems to be no real solution. And in most cases there is actually no need for such a conversion. There are also many people asking if BIND offers such a special mode and I …

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Junior Hax0r School: Part 2

Look at the following eight bytes. ec 04 9d b1 4b a7 75 d6 One is different. Which one is it and why?

Junior Hax0r School: Quiz

Have a look at the following eight bytes. 8a 26 d9 16 b9 21 e5 40 One of them is different. Which one is it and why?  

VGA Troubles With KVM Switches

I have never had troubles with activating and deactivating the VGA output on my (old) notebook, an HP 2510p. It has an Intel GM965 VGA controller. I used the VGA output very often because giving presentations is part of my job ­čśë Typically, I type something like this: `xrandr –output VGA1 –auto –right-of LVDS1` Although …

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Convert KAP to CAL Files

KAP files (sometimes also referred to as BSB files) are raster images which contains a header with geographic information. Those files are typically used for raster navigational charts. Josm is a powerful editor for Openstreetmap data. There is a plugin called the Piclayer plugin (see also here) which allows to load any image into Josm …

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Android App Hacking — Part 2

I’m pretty sure now that the quality of software does not increase over decades. You might also read this posting about hacking and cracking of software. I was looking for an application which allows to synchronize my calendar with an ICS source and I found this Android app.1 It seems to provide all I need …

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Simple Android App Hacking

Software hacking has a long history and it was shown in past that – in my opinion – the quality of software in general didn’t get better over decades. This is probably not true for specific projects such as e.g. the OpenBSD kernel which is continuously improved and reviewed because it is open source and …

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Panorama Chart

I am currently working on algorithms for placement of captions on charts. I am testing and implementing some methods. One of them works by sampling the desired area of placement in a circle around the origin of the caption. A premature version of this is already implemented into Smrender since one of the early releases. …

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Android won’t connect to Wifi

Since Android has a Linux-based kernel, the Wifi interface is managed by the wpa_supplicant as on most Unix-based systems. My personal experience during the last years of using wpa_supplicant is that there are many times troubles with it which are hard to debug and even sometimes not reproducable. On the other hand it often works …

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