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Configuring a WordPress Network (without login loop)

Using a WordPress network seems to be interesting as soon as you run multiple WordPress instances on different domain names. You can safe a lot of work using a network installation because you have to maintain just one software installation. That’s what we did here. There is a great page with configuration instructions found here. …

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Annoying RF_KILL on HP/Compaq 2510p

Yesterday I tried to connect an old notebook which has no Wifi adapter to the Internet through my HP 2510p. Usually not a big deal; connect through an Ethernet cable, configure IP addresses on both sides, enable packet forwarding and configure an iptables masquerading rule. But it didn’t work. As soon as I connected the …

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HP-Compaq 2510p – soft keys not working

Since 2007 I own a HP 2510p Notebook. It is a great device. It’s very light, has good 12″ display, and it has a very low power consumption. I ever ran Debian Linux on it, currently Debian Squeeze, Kernel 2.6.32-5-amd64 and KDE 4 desktop. The soft keys did work also but at any time they …

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SDCard/USB-Stick write-protected on Windows 7

Have you ever had the problem that you tried to delete something on your SDcard and your operating system told you that it is not possible because the removable disk is write-protected? Well, it never happened to me because I use Linux, hence, things usually work and if not, there is always a reason which …

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Running OnionCat Services in a Highly Secure Environment

Running services within dark nets requires a lot of caution and carefulness. If the services are not configured correctly they might leak information and reveal their real location or operator. This of course is also applicable to a service based on OnionCat. This article explains how to run an OnionCat-based service in a highly secure …

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Android and WPA Enterprise

Recently, I acquired a new Android-based smart phone. Just to get familiar with it, playing around, and having phun with it. Within the context of a research project dealing with voice encryption I was instructed to write some tools and apps on Android. On our university we have a Wifi network running in WPA enterprise …

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High Perfomance XML, OpenSeamap, and OSM

Recently, we published a library for parsing XML files. We use a completely new approach to gain parsing performance. libhpxml is a stream parser written in C. OpenSeamap is an open source project with the aim of creating a free sea chart. It is based on OSM and uses smfilter during the process of rendering. …

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Manual rooting Android on Linux

A quick Google search for “Rooting Android” gives numerous results; mainly forum posts of people looking for help but also lots of good (…and bad…) answers with detailed instructions. Most answers describe how to use SuperOneClick on Windows. SuperOneClick simply is a front-end for copying and carrying out the exploit. SuperOneClick is based on .NET …

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First Version of Garlicat released

Garlicat is a VPN adapter with dynamic IP configuration capability for the I2P network. Using Garlicat you can create an IP network on top of I2P. What OnionCat is for Tor, Garlicat is for I2P. Garlicat and Onioncat currently share 100% of its code base. The difference lies in some constants and “constant” variables. Nevertheless, …

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VMware 6.5.1 build-126130 on debian squeeze (current testing) segfault

VMware workstation 6.5.1 segfaults on Debian Testing (Squeeze)