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DNS/UDP to TCP Translator/Converter

Although there are some discussions found on the web on how to force DNS to use TCP instead of UDP, there seems to be no real solution. And in most cases there is actually no need for such a conversion. There are also many people asking if BIND offers such a special mode and I …

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HP 2570p: A Notebook Review

My current notebook — an HP/Compaq 2510p — now got pretty old, i.e. over 5 years. Although I was very happy with it I still decided to order a new one. The HP 2570p seems to be a comparable product.

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Convert KAP to CAL Files

KAP files (sometimes also referred to as BSB files) are raster images which contains a header with geographic information. Those files are typically used for raster navigational charts. Josm is a powerful editor for Openstreetmap data. There is a plugin called the Piclayer plugin (see also here) which allows to load any image into Josm …

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Install Canon Imagerunner on CUPS

The Canon Imagerunner is a series of office printers/copy machines which typically can be accessed on the network as all modern printers. Obviously, to be able to print on a printer you need the right printer driver. Basically, a printer driver is a small piece of software that translates a typical printable format1 to the …

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Smrender Supports Libcairo

About one month of intensive work and it is done! Smrender now uses libcairo as a graphics library for rendering instead of libgd. The major advantages of this change are qualitiy improvement of the output images, performance improvement, and the ability to create native vector-based PDF documents. It was a long outstanding task for me …

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Trac Failes After Portupgrade On FreeBSD

Recently I upgraded my FreeBSD1 ports with `portupgrade -a`. Everything seems to be fine but I discovered later that something was wrong with the Python installation. I use Trac for the OnionCat page and it showed an error message: “TracError: Cannot load Python bindings for SQLite” (see Fig.). Actually I discovered this by accident while …

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29C3 — OpenSource Power Unlimited

1984 fand der erste Chaos Communication Congress statt, einige Jahre nach der Gründung des Chaos Computer Clubs. Die grundlegenden Internetprotokolle waren ebenfalls seit einigen Jahren definiert, bis zum Einsetzen des großen Internet-Booms mussten aber noch knapp 15 Jahre vergehen. Die Mailboxen (BBS) hatten ihren Aufstieg begonnen. Linux existierte noch nicht, BSD gab es schon längere …

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OnionCat is still alive

Although I do not actively write new code for OnionCat I still maintain it. Yes, I do! I got a lot of emails in the past of people asking me about it. I appreciate receiving mails regarding OnionCat every time. On the latest release of Mac OSX (10.8.2, Codename Mountain Lion) OnionCat failed to start …

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Moving a WordPress Network Site to HTTPS

This article describes how to move an existing Worpress site which runs in a WordPress network from HTTP to HTTPS. It was tested with WordPress version 3.5 and an Apache web server 2.2.22. Moving a web site from HTTP to HTTPS is basically not difficult. If you are using the Apache web server, you have …

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Smrender Lightning Talk on 29C3

On Day 2 I gave a lightning talk 😀 to shortly introduce Smrender, a programmable OSM data processing engine. I cut out the relevant part of the official video.