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Password Insecurity – Part 3

And finally, here’s part 3:

Smrender — State of Development Report

Smrender is a powerful, flexible, and modular rule-based rendering engine for OpenStreetmap data. Its primary development goal was and still is to develop a renderer for paper nautical charts. Because of its very generic and modular software design it can be used for charts of any map style and it is also perfectly suitable for …

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Crawlers Bias Server Log Stats

Search engines are regularly visiting web sites to update their index. The shorter the time between two visits the more accurate is the index. Of course, there are side effects. On one hand this increases the load and the traffic of a web server. Thus, most modern crawlers are not too aggressive to avoid too …

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Polyline Refinement with Smrender

The latest version 1.1.r1230 of Smrender now implements a new feature which I call polyline refinement. It highly improves the appearance of the map specifically in such areas which are just “roughly” mapped. Ideally, it is applied to the coastline, for example. Polyline refinement is invoked rule-based. It is an internal function. The following shows …

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Applying OnionCat at the IPv6 Application Contest

  The German IPv6 Council holds an IPv6 application contest . The contest should generally support and advocate the IPv6 protocol. We are going to apply for this contest with OnionCat.