GarliCat basically is the same as OnionCat but it is intended to be used with I2P instead of Tor. GarliCat and OnionCat share 100% of its code base. The differences are mainly different constants as outlined below.

GarliCat and OnionCat can be run in parallel on the same system as well as I2P and Tor can run in parallel.


Firstly, for GarliCat and OnionCat different port numbers are chosen that it is possible to run both in parallel. Secondly, a different IPv6 network prefix is chosen that the routing process of the operating system is able to distinguish between packets forwarded to the one or the other network. Each process has its own tunnel device.

The differences are defined in the source files ocat_netdesc.h and ocat_netdesc.c. The following tables lists those differences.

IPv6 prefixFD87:D87E:EB43::/48FD60:DB4D:DDB5::/48
base32 domain name.onion.oc.b32.i2p
incoming listening port80608061
outgoing destination port80608061
controller port80668067
SOCKS port90509051

The outgoing destination port is used by GarliCat within the SOCKS protocol but it is not honored by I2P. This is different from Tor. A destination in I2P is always a specific service already including the port number.

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