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Introduction Installation Configuration

Mac OS

Please note that there is an initial OSX installer available at our download page. If for some reason this installer does not work, please follow this guide for the manual installation.


=> Tor has to be installed and running. See the Tor documentation for help.

Note: Look at the configuration window of the Vidalia Control Panel to figure out where the torrc file is located. You need to add 2 lines:

HiddenServiceDir /Users/<username>/hidden_service

HiddenServicePort 8060

The HiddenServiceDir should meet your OS language requirements.

=> Root password


=> Tun/Tap? drivers for mac. You can download them from here.

Open Terminal on your Mac and type the following:

=> cd /dev/ => ls tun

If the output gives you tun0 till tun9, the installation was a success.

=> You will need Xcode 3.0 to compile the OnionCat source code. This can be downloaded from the apple website.

You will need a Apple Developer Connection Account. Once you've registered, login and click Download Software and then Developer Tools. Find the download link next to Xcode Tools – CD Image and download it.

Install this package.

=> Download the latest OnionCat tar package. This is a compressed package that contains all the needed OnionCat files.

=> Extract the package

Go inside the folder you have extracted and type the following commands:

=> ./configure

=> sudo make

=> sudo make INSTALL

This will compile and install OnionCat

,NOTE: To run OnionCat, you need to add the parameter -T /dev/tun1 to make it work!

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