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Introduction Installation Configuration


Please note that there cerveral Unix packages available at our download page. If for some reason this installer does not work, please follow this guide for the manual installation.


=> Tor has to be installed and running. See the Tor documentation for help.

The OnionCat Url is located at /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname

=> C compiler is needed to compile the source code. For example GNU gcc and the GNU make utility.

=> You need root privileges to install OnionCat You can do this by entering: su root.


=> Prepare a folder in your file system that will hold the OnionCat files. For example /etc/OnionCat

mkdir /etc/OnionCat

=> Download the latest OnionCat tar package. This is a compressed file that contains all the needed OnionCat files.

This can allso be done by using SVN => svn checkout onioncat

Exctraction of the tar file

We will now try to extract the tar file to the folder we created in our file system.

=> Go to the folder where you downloaded your tar file to.

=> Type tar xf TARFILE (for example: tar xf onioncat-0.2.2.r540.tar.gz). This will extract the package to the folder ./onioncat-0.2.2.r540/.

For more information you can use the tar –-help function.


By running the configuration, OnionCat will be setup for the installation.

First go inside the folder we have just created with tar and type ./configure.

This will give some output


Now we are going to compile OnionCat. First make sure you are still root (su root) and are located in the extracted OnionCat folder.

=> make

This will configure the make utility. More information can be found on the Make website

=> make install

This will compile and install OnionCat

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