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Introduction Installation Configuration

Windows XP

Please note that there is a WindowsXP installer available at our download page. If for some reason this installer does not work, please follow this guide for the manual installation.

Also please report any problems so we can improve the installer. After running the installer there will be a Installationlog.txt file located in the program files folder of OnionCat. Please add this file while reporting an error.


=> Tor has to be installed and running. See the Tor documentation for help.

Note: Look at the configuration window of the Vidalia Control Panel to figure out where the torrc file is located. You need to add 2 lines:

HiddenServiceDir C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Anwendungsdaten\hidden_service\

HiddenServicePort 8060

The HiddenServiceDir should meet your OS language requirements.


First we need to setup a POSIX-like environment (Portable Operating System Interface for Unix). This is done with Cygwin.

=> Download and run the Cygwin installer.

=> click continue until you reach the Package Selection menu.

Select gcc: C-Compiler and make:GNU 'make utility' (devil section)

=> Continue the installation process until finished

OnionCat is Ipv6-based but cygwin unfortunately does not support Ipv6 at the moment.

Thats why we need to install the ipv6 patch.

=> Download and install the ipv6 patch.

All you need to do is download the package and extract it to the Cygwin directory (c:/cygwin)

Replace if necessary.

The next step is to install the TAP driver.

To do this, we are going to install !OpenVPN. ! OpenVPN itself is not necessary but it contains the TAP-driver that is needed.

=>Download OpenVPN and during the installation unselect everything but the TAP driver.

=> Prepare a folder in your file system that will hold the OnionCat files. For example /etc/OnionCat

mkdir /etc/OnionCat

=> Download the latest OnionCat tar package. This is a compressed file that contains all the needed OnionCat files.

Exctraction of the tar file

We will now try to extract the tar file to the folder we created in our file system.

=> go to the folder where you downloaded your tar file to.

=> tar -xf TARFILE TARGET (for example: tar -xf thisIsAtarFile /etc/OnionCat )

For more information you can use the tar –-help function.


By running the configuration, OnionCat will be setup for the installation.

First go inside the folder we have just created with tar => ./configure

This will give some output


Now we are going to compile OnionCat. First make sure u are still root (su root) and are located in the extracted OnionCat folder.

=> make

This will configure the make utility. More information can be found on the Make website

=> make install

This will compile and install OnionCat


Create a shortcut to ocat.exe on a location you desire. Then open the propertys of the shortcut and add the OionUrl as a parameter. This URL can be found in the hidden_service directory that you configured in the torrc file.

Here is an example of the Target of the shortcut: c:\program files\opensource\OnionCat\ocat.exe -B rkotk6n74tgkqdfu.onion

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