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OnionCat is a development project and there are many jobs open. We are looking for...

  • Wiki administrators to keep the Wiki up to date.
  • Documentors are needed for writing HOWTOs and maintaining the man page.
  • We need translators.
  • We need release and package testers. Before a new release can be considered as being stable, it should have been tested extensively.
  • We are looking for an automated functional release testing system.
  • Package maintainers. They should create and keep packages for specific operating systems up to date.
  • Developers. Have a look at the Tickets page. There's always ongoing development. Currently we are looking for developers doing a GUI (maybe a systray app) for OC. It is actually not defined what kind of app it should be, so it is open for discussion.

Meet us at I2P-IRC on #garlicat or on OC-IRC #onioncat (see Services).

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