First Version of Garlicat released

Garlicat is a VPN adapter with dynamic IP configuration capability for the I2P network. Using Garlicat you can create an IP network on top of I2P.
What OnionCat is for Tor, Garlicat is for I2P.

Garlicat and Onioncat currently share 100% of its code base. The difference lies in some constants and “constant” variables.
Nevertheless, Garlicat was branched from the main branch because some slight code changes have been necessary. If everything turns out to be stable it will be merged back.

A quick HOWTO is found here and a source package can be downloaded here.

OS X Package of OnionCat available for testing

Onioncat Paket für Apple OS X ist verfügbar. Bitte probiert das paket mal aus und sendet eure Erfahrungen an:


Mailingliste für bug/success Berichte:

OS X packages has been built. Please download and test it. Send success reports or bugs to:


VMware 6.5.1 build-126130 on debian squeeze (current testing) segfault


VMware 6.5.1 build-126130 on debian squeeze (current testing) segfaults while installing. Setting gcc to gcc-4.1 doesn’t solve the problem. Misleadingly the installer quits with successfull installtion, but the log files reveal some segfaults, also vmware will segfault after starting it.

The problem seems to be that some definitions of the newer libc6-dev changed in respect to the one of lenny. That leeds to the case that it compiles but the modules and vmware will segfault.

Workaround: downgrade libc6 (and devs) to lenny (libc6_2.7-18_amd64.deb) just for installation of vmware. Upgrade back after installation.

dpkg -i –force-downgrade libc6_2.7-18_amd64.deb
dpkg -i –force-downgrade libc6-dev_2.7-18_amd64.deb
dpkg -i –force-downgrade libc6-i386_2.7-18_amd64.deb

install VMware 6.5.1 build-126130 by running the installer-bundle of VMWare and the reupdate to libc6 in squeeze again.
Note: Do not install, reboot, apt, or anything else, while the libs are in downgraded state. It might completely break your installation. Again: Just downgrade for VMware installation and upgrade afterwards again!

Dirty but it works!

I2P Project Leader zzz Emphasizes OnionCat Cooperation


In seinem Interview gegenüber zzz, der Projektleiter von I2P betont gut Zusammenarbeit mit unserem OnionCat-Projekt.

Der ganze Artikel befindet sich hier.

In his interview to zzz, the project leader of I2P emphasizes good cooperation to our OnionCat project.

Read full artice here.

XMPP/Jabber Service now available

XMPP/Jabber Server läuft jetzt unter: fd87:d87e:eb43:41b0:a32:f057:6dba:b205 jabber.onion.aio

Bitte tested das Service, Registration ist frei

Jabber Domäne: jabber.onion.aio

Getestete Clients: gajim und pidgin und kopete unter KDE 3.5 — Bitte Tested andere Clients

Server ist ejabberd

XMPP/Jabber Service is available in the OnionCat Network. Registration is free. Please Test

fd87:d87e:eb43:41b0:a32:f057:6dba:b205 jabber.onion.aio

jabber domain is: jabber.onion.aio

tested and approved clients are: gajim and pidgin and kopete on KDE 3.5

Server is: ejabberd

have fun testing

OnionCat is ported to Windows (Cygwin)


OnionCat is now ported Windows. It runs within Cygwin POSIX-like Environment and first tests were successful. The code is merged into OnionCat SVN trunk release 486.

(*) For installation first install then OpenVPN TAP driver which is included in the OpenVPN Windows package (see
(*) Install Cygwin and add the gcc, make, and subversion packages.
(*) Apply the IPv6 extension patch ( to Cygwin.
(*) Add the TCP/IPv6 protocol to the TAP device in Windows network configuration.
(*) Install Tor/Vidalia.
(*) Checkout OnionCat from SVN.
(*) ./Configure and make it as described on the OnionCat project page (
(*) Configure and run Tor and OnionCat as described on OC project page (

We’ll further improve code and build installation packages for WinOC.
Keep in mind that it is not tested very well and bugs may be included.
If you’d like to attend to OnionCat IRC you might use KVIRC. It worked perfect in our test environment.

Have fun using OnionCat on Windows!

OnionCat Debian/Ubuntu Packages available

Nun gibt es OnionCat auch als Debian Paket, um genau zu sein, Ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid). Einfach hier die Einträge für die “/etc/apt/sources.list” holen und die Kommandos “apt-get update” und “apt-get install onioncat” ausführen und OnionCat ist als Daemon installiert. Für folgenden Platformen gibt es Builds:

  • i386
  • amd64
  • lpi

Eine Debian Version kommt demnächst.



We proudly announce the first OnionCat Packages for Ubuntu, you can find them  here

Currently Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) is supported on following Platforms:

  • i386
  • amd64
  • lpi

Debian Packages should arrive soon!

If you want to build a Debian Package,  just do a “svn co onioncat” change into the OnionCat Directory and issue the “debuild -us -uc” command, you should get a package  in ../onioncat.



Applying OnionCat at the IPv6 Application Contest


The German IPv6 Council holds an IPv6 application contest . The contest should generally support and advocate the IPv6 protocol.
We are going to apply for this contest with OnionCat.

Lenovo X301 with Ubuntu/Debian/Linux and working GPS


I got a x301 since quite some time, and iam very happy with it! since the integrated ericsson f3507g is capable of doing AGPS (Assisted GPS, more info @

here are the steps which need to be done to enable AGPS


Now you can use gpsd to connect to your modem Device!

thanks to nikolai!

more info here:

OnionCat goes GarliCat

Wir befinden uns im Gespraech und in Diskussion mit den I2P Entwicklern, um OnionCat I2P faehig zu machen. Ich habe mit der Entwicklung dafuer bereits begonnen.We are in permanent discussion with the I2P developers to make OnionCat also work with I2P. I already started development.