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Monitoring Android Emulator Network Traffic

It might be interesting for several reasons to monitor the network traffic of Android devices to watch the network  behavior of some apps. This article describes how to monitor network traffic running the Android AVD Emulator on Linux.

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Combining ownCloud and syncthing

OwnCloud is a nice cloud solution which is based on free software. It allows companies and users to run their own cloud services thereby not loosing the control on their data. Every day this gets more and more important and you loose control if you use commercial cloud services such as Google, Microsoft, or Amazon. …

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OnionCat on Android

Dear folks! I just wrote an article about OnionCat on Android. There is a readily compiled ARM binary found at cypherpunk.at/ocat/download/Android. Is there somebody out there willing to write an Android front-end app for OnionCat?  

How to Move App Data of TextSecure to New Android Device

This Howto explains how to move application data of Android apps to a new mobile device. It is explained with TextSecure as an example but should work with any other app as well. People who are paranoid in respect to security and those trying to learn something about security should read the Section »Security Considerations« …

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Accounts Disappear After Reboot

Have you ever had or do you currently have the problem that some of your accounts disappeared after a reboot of your Android phone? If yes then probably here is the solution. A few days ago I “played” a little bit with my Android phone. The next day I recognized that several of my accounts …

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Applied Social Engineering

On our university, I am running a Plog — this is the paper version of a Blog 😉 (see image on the right side). I put various articles there, mainly those which I post here but also other interesting stuff which I find on the internet. While waiting for the next course, students may read …

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Android App Hacking — Part 2

I’m pretty sure now that the quality of software does not increase over decades. You might also read this posting about hacking and cracking of software. I was looking for an application which allows to synchronize my calendar with an ICS source and I found this Android app.1 It seems to provide all I need …

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Simple Android App Hacking

Software hacking has a long history and it was shown in past that – in my opinion – the quality of software in general didn’t get better over decades. This is probably not true for specific projects such as e.g. the OpenBSD kernel which is continuously improved and reviewed because it is open source and …

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Android won’t connect to Wifi

Since Android has a Linux-based kernel, the Wifi interface is managed by the wpa_supplicant as on most Unix-based systems. My personal experience during the last years of using wpa_supplicant is that there are many times troubles with it which are hard to debug and even sometimes not reproducable. On the other hand it often works …

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Android, CyanogenMod, and OpenVPN

Although I followed the instructions about how to configure OpenVPN with Cyanogen I failed at first because the certificate “installation” is not what I call user-friendly (Why not simply copy the certificate file to the right location?). OpenVPN is a very secure and feature-rich OpenSource VPN solution. If you Google for it you will find …

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