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OnionCat on Android

Dear folks! I just wrote an article about OnionCat on Android. There is a readily compiled ARM binary found at cypherpunk.at/ocat/download/Android. Is there somebody out there willing to write an Android front-end app for OnionCat?  

Anonymous DNS FAQ

Yesterday evening we did our first public talk about our AEON project at the ITsecx conference. AEON stands for Anonymity Enhanced Onion Nameservice which means it is a nameservice which provides anonymity by utilizing onion routing. There have been some questions from the audience after this talk and I would like to repeat them here …

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Running OnionCat Services in a Highly Secure Environment

Running services within dark nets requires a lot of caution and carefulness. If the services are not configured correctly they might leak information and reveal their real location or operator. This of course is also applicable to a service based on OnionCat. This article explains how to run an OnionCat-based service in a highly secure …

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First Version of Garlicat released

Garlicat is a VPN adapter with dynamic IP configuration capability for the I2P network. Using Garlicat you can create an IP network on top of I2P. What OnionCat is for Tor, Garlicat is for I2P. Garlicat and Onioncat currently share 100% of its code base. The difference lies in some constants and “constant” variables. Nevertheless, …

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OS X Package of OnionCat available for testing

Onioncat Paket für Apple OS X ist verfügbar. Bitte probiert das paket mal aus und sendet eure Erfahrungen an: Paket Mailingliste für bug/success Berichte: ocat-talk@cypherpunk.at OS X packages has been built. Please download and test it. Send success reports or bugs to: Package ocat-talk@cypherpunk.at

I2P Project Leader zzz Emphasizes OnionCat Cooperation

  In seinem Interview gegenüber gulli.com zzz, der Projektleiter von I2P betont gut Zusammenarbeit mit unserem OnionCat-Projekt. Der ganze Artikel befindet sich hier. In his interview to gulli.com zzz, the project leader of I2P emphasizes good cooperation to our OnionCat project. Read full artice here.