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Simple Android App Hacking

Software hacking has a long history and it was shown in past that – in my opinion – the quality of software in general didn’t get better over decades. This is probably not true for specific projects such as e.g. the OpenBSD kernel which is continuously improved and reviewed because it is open source and …

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Downloading Android Apps Part II — The 28C3 Fahrplan

Download Android apps (APK files) with your computer always sucks — again. Today we arrived in Berlin to attend the 28C3, one of the best nerd congresses in Europe. And there’s a great app for Android by tuxmobil. Unfortunately, it’s just available in the Android market which requires registration ­čÖü So, if you want to …

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Downloading android apps

Have you ever tried to download an Android App with your computer? It is a pain in the ass! There are countless pages which offer free downloads. But as soon as you click the download link you are either redirected to some other page or you are kindly request to register before downloading. Some pages …

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