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Assembler on Arduino — Part 2

Some time ago I wrote this article about the build chain for assembler programming on Arduino. The article contained a simple blinking LED example. In the meanwhile I got several questions about Arduino and assembler. This article is about a more mature real-world blinking LED example. You can download the full source package here which …

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AVR Linker: out of range error

This article describes two common reasons for the out-of-range AVR linker error message and provides solutions. Although this article is specific to the AVR core, the same problems occur on most processor types. I’m currently preparing a course, teaching students about assembly language. I chose to use Arduino as development platform which is equipped with …

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Native Assembler Programming on Arduino

This article is about programming an Arduino board natively in pure Assembler without carrying the rucksack of standard libraries and functions. Using a simple example and an Arduino Uno board, I will show how to assemble, link, and upload your code to the board without using the Arduino development environment. This article does not teach …

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