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Installing Skype on 64 Bit Debian Linux

Although I’m not really a friend of Skype for security and privacy reasons I am almost forced to use it because it seams to be most widely spread. Unfortunately, there are not many alternatives for simple users. Installing Skype onto a 64 Bit Linux system is not straight forward because Skype does not offer a …

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HP 2570p: A Notebook Review

My current notebook — an HP/Compaq 2510p — now got pretty old, i.e. over 5 years. Although I was very happy with it I still decided to order a new one. The HP 2570p seems to be a comparable product.

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Debian Wheezy on Acer Aspire One Happy

A few days ago I successfully installed Debian Wheezy 64 bit (currently sid) on an Acer Aspire One Happy notebook. Most of the built-in hardware seems to work out of the box. Display, touchpad, sound, and webcam works. Solely the SD card read is unable to reader my SD cards. This seems to be related …

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Kmail does not ask for PGP password

A few days ago I fucked up my Debian installation. It ran properly for several years but because of mixing different repositories (squeeze, wheezy, backports,…) aptitude somehow lost track about packet versions. I spent several hours but was unable to fix it. It just got worse. Thus, I decided to do a completely fresh installation …

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Smrender now uses GNU Autotools

After publishing Smrender I got several mails regarding the compilation and installation process. Mainly because I just used a simple Makefile and because it was not tested on other operation systems beside my Linux computer. Thanks to all beta testers for now! I now introduced the GNU Autotools into the Smrender package, thus the compilation …

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VMware 6.5.1 build-126130 on debian squeeze (current testing) segfault

VMware workstation 6.5.1 segfaults on Debian Testing (Squeeze)

OnionCat Debian/Ubuntu Packages available

Nun gibt es OnionCat auch als Debian Paket, um genau zu sein, Ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid). Einfach hier die Einträge für die “/etc/apt/sources.list” holen und die Kommandos “apt-get update” und “apt-get install onioncat” ausführen und OnionCat ist als Daemon installiert. Für folgenden Platformen gibt es Builds: i386 amd64 lpi Eine Debian Version kommt demnächst. Enjoy, axp …

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