Tag: FreeBSD

The Administrator’s TLS Certificate Hell

Nowadays, a responsible administrator should never run any service without TLS anymore. Unfortunately, this makes life even more difficult for several reasons. This article discusses some problems associated to certificates, specifically in respect to web applications which interactively connect to secondary services. On one hand TLS configuration requires a lot of knowledge to create a …

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Combining ownCloud and syncthing

OwnCloud is a nice cloud solution which is based on free software. It allows companies and users to run their own cloud services thereby not loosing the control on their data. Every day this gets more and more important and you loose control if you use commercial cloud services such as Google, Microsoft, or Amazon. …

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Trac Failes After Portupgrade On FreeBSD

Recently I upgraded my FreeBSD1 ports with `portupgrade -a`. Everything seems to be fine but I discovered later that something was wrong with the Python installation. I use Trac for the OnionCat page and it showed an error message: “TracError: Cannot load Python bindings for SQLite” (see Fig.). Actually I discovered this by accident while …

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