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HP 2570p: A Notebook Review

My current notebook — an HP/Compaq 2510p — now got pretty old, i.e. over 5 years. Although I was very happy with it I still decided to order a new one. The HP 2570p seems to be a comparable product.

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Debian Wheezy on Acer Aspire One Happy

A few days ago I successfully installed Debian Wheezy 64 bit (currently sid) on an Acer Aspire One Happy notebook. Most of the built-in hardware seems to work out of the box. Display, touchpad, sound, and webcam works. Solely the SD card read is unable to reader my SD cards. This seems to be related …

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RF_KILL sucks!

This is not the first time that I have troubles with the RF-kill “feature” as reported on this blog. Recently I set up an old notebook. I did a clean Linux network install of Debian Lenny. Everything worked fine, all hardware was detected properly. But it took not long to find out that the wifi …

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Annoying RF_KILL on HP/Compaq 2510p

Yesterday I tried to connect an old notebook which has no Wifi adapter to the Internet through my HP 2510p. Usually not a big deal; connect through an Ethernet cable, configure IP addresses on both sides, enable packet forwarding and configure an iptables masquerading rule. But it didn’t work. As soon as I connected the …

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HP-Compaq 2510p – soft keys not working

Since 2007 I own a HP 2510p Notebook. It is a great device. It’s very light, has good 12″ display, and it has a very low power consumption. I ever ran Debian Linux on it, currently Debian Squeeze, Kernel 2.6.32-5-amd64 and KDE 4 desktop. The soft keys did work also but at any time they …

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Lenovo X301 with Ubuntu/Debian/Linux and working GPS

How to get AGPS GPS work with Ericsson f3507g WWAN Module