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HOWTO Render Charts With Smrender

This article is a step-by-step guide to render your own sea charts. I assume that you have already installed it to your system. If not, download the latest version and run ./configure and make and make install as usual. Make sure that you have installed the packages libcairo2-dev, librsvg2-dev, and libfontconfig-dev. You also may have …

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Experimental Seamap Basemap

Routino/Kannix/Level2 English Map Croatian Map

Smrender Generates KAP Files

Smrender is a generic renderer which generates raster images out of OSM data. A user-defined ruleset is applied to the OSM data to create the final output image. The primary goal of Smrender is to create high-quality charts suitable for print-out. Although it originally was intended to make sea charts, it can be used for …

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Smrender works on Windows

Smrender on Windows 7 Yesterday, I started a Windows-VM because I had to test something. I took this opportunity to try to compile Smrender within Cygwin and it worked out of the box ­čÖé Great success! There were a few minor compiler warnings which I have already fixed. Everything seems to work perfect with the …

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Smrender Presented at the Linuxwochen Vienna

Originally, I intended to give this posting the title “Anything that can go wrong…” but I decided that Smrender and my talk is more important than Murphy’s law. But stay tuned! You will read what happend. Yesterday I gave a talk about Smrender at the Linuxwochen 2012 in Vienna. Three things happened the first time. …

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Polyline Refinement with Smrender

The latest version 1.1.r1230 of Smrender now implements a new feature which I call polyline refinement. It highly improves the appearance of the map specifically in such areas which are just “roughly” mapped. Ideally, it is applied to the coastline, for example. Polyline refinement is invoked rule-based. It is an internal function. The following shows …

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Rendering Depths with Smrender

Rendering Depths with Smrender I started to experiment with the rendering of depths with Smrender. At a first glance this looks trivial but one might err. OSM data as well as a chart is just a two-dimensional plane. So, where’s the problem? As long as the elevation is monotonic, observed from any point in the …

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Smrender now uses GNU Autotools

After publishing Smrender I got several mails regarding the compilation and installation process. Mainly because I just used a simple Makefile and because it was not tested on other operation systems beside my Linux computer. Thanks to all beta testers for now! I now introduced the GNU Autotools into the Smrender package, thus the compilation …

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Smrender released into the wild

It was hard work to create smrender and it was even more work to create a documentation for it. And both are not finished yet. But nevertheless I decided to release it now. I have talked a lot about it and there are several articles about it found in the Internet. It is time now …

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Smrender — A New Renderer for OSM Data

Smrender About two months ago we started a completely new projected, originally just as my personal intention. It is a new rendering software for OSM data, just because currently there are just two popular renderers, these are Mapnik and Osmarender. The project is called smrender which is a short form for seamap render and is …

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