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OnionCat is still alive

Although I do not actively write new code for OnionCat I still maintain it. Yes, I do! I got a lot of emails in the past of people asking me about it. I appreciate receiving mails regarding OnionCat every time. On the latest release of Mac OSX (10.8.2, Codename Mountain Lion) OnionCat failed to start …

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Smrender now uses GNU Autotools

After publishing Smrender I got several mails regarding the compilation and installation process. Mainly because I just used a simple Makefile and because it was not tested on other operation systems beside my Linux computer. Thanks to all beta testers for now! I now introduced the GNU Autotools into the Smrender package, thus the compilation …

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OS X Package of OnionCat available for testing

Onioncat Paket für Apple OS X ist verfügbar. Bitte probiert das paket mal aus und sendet eure Erfahrungen an: Paket Mailingliste für bug/success Berichte: ocat-talk@cypherpunk.at OS X packages has been built. Please download and test it. Send success reports or bugs to: Package ocat-talk@cypherpunk.at