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Smrender October News

There was nearly two months of develop going since my last release of Smrender. Today I released a new version (SVN revision 1326) with a lot of new features. For a quick overview have a look at the News on the project’s web page. Dynamic Symbols Renamed The most important thing for all of you …

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Bei A1 ist Security noch nicht angekommen

Bei A1 ist der Begriff Security noch nicht angekommen. Durch Zufall kam ich kürzlich bei einem Kunden mit dem A1 Webspace Business in Berührung. Im Produktnamen ist der Begriff Business zu finden, was darauf schließen lässt, dass es sich eben um ein Profiprodukt handelt. Aber was genau zeichnet es aus? Gute Frage, denn der Webspace …

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Running OnionCat Services in a Highly Secure Environment

Running services within dark nets requires a lot of caution and carefulness. If the services are not configured correctly they might leak information and reveal their real location or operator. This of course is also applicable to a service based on OnionCat. This article explains how to run an OnionCat-based service in a highly secure …

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